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Consignor Information


     We believe that every estate and each client is unique. Our goal is to provide a reliable auction estimate, followed by the timely liquidation of the property for the highest prices possible. We handle everything. Our commissions and full range of services have always been, and remain, flexible to the needs of our clients. Property consigned to Historic Estates is stored in our secure climate-controlled facilities to ensure its safety and proper care.


Our 2010 Seller's Commission rates for items consigned to one of our regular antique and Fine Art auctions are as follows


  • 25% commision for each single auction lot that sells between $100.00 and $1000.00
  • 20% commision for each single auction lot that sells for over $1000.00.
  • and 35% for any single auction lot that sells for less than $100.00.
  • We also charge the purchaser of the item a variable buyers premium, which we also retain as part of our commission fee structure.

Our commision rates are negotiable for large single owner  estate auctions or for collections of considerable size or value.

   Before an item is offered at auction, the consignor and Historic Estates may agree on a confidential minimum selling price called the "Reserve", below which the piece will not sell. Payment to the consignor and a complete accounting statement are sent Seven Days after the date of sale.

   As a service to clients settling an estate, we will purchase individual items, entire estates or the residue after an estate has been consigned. As part of our "Broom-Clean" Service, we will arrange for the shipment of property to heirs, deliver appropriate property to charitable institutions, remove remaining rubbish, and leave the premises "Broom-Clean."